New Community

Reconciled to be Reconcilers

Calling all Life Group Leaders! As we begin a new season of Life Groups, we are looking for new leaders as well as past leaders. If this describes you, please scan the QR code to fill out a quick Google Form.


What are Life Groups?

Life groups are small groups that meet on a regular basis in pursuit of authentic Christian community and discipleship.* Groups may be organized on a particular topic, type of identity, experience, season of life, or activity. They can be open to anyone who wants to join or have parameters such as:  gender, age, or a season of  life (marriage, parents, new to Chicago, etc.). Life Groups serve the purpose of coming together to grow deeper in our relationships with God and with one another. 

*A Biblical understanding of authentic Christian community and discipleship includes: 

  • Colossians 3:12-17 New Life in Christ
  • 1 Corinthians 12:12- 27 One Body, Many Members, All with a Unique Purpose
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Encourage and Build Up One Another
  • Proverbs 27:17  Iron Sharpens Iron- Helping Each Other Grow
  • 1 Peter 10 Using one’s God Given Gifts
  • Proverbs 19:20 Receiving Advice and Accountability
  • Galatians 6:2 Carry Each Other’s Burdens
  • James 5:16 Confession, Repentance, Pray and Heal

Why Join a Group?

Groups offer a regular gathering space to pursue authentic community as followers of Jesus through activities that might include Bible study, spiritual discussion, service, relationship building, and prayer.  Groups meet in person and/or virtually.  Groups vary in focus, size, meeting schedule, etc. 

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We have reserved parking on W. Logan Blvd, designated with orange cones between N. Francisco Ave. and Sacramento Ave. Parking is also available on W. Schubert Ave., Sacramento Ave. and W. Diversey Ave. within approximately 2 blocks of our church.


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