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Reconciled to be Reconcilers

This year, we long to become a Deeply Formed Community. Rather than succumb to living a busy, distracted, and exhausted life, we believe the way of Jesus leads us to intentionally cultivate an unhurried, fully present and whole life.  This alternative and counter-cultural way of living is rooted in community.  This year, we are living in community through Deeply Formed Groups and Special Interest Groups.

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What is the Midweek Deeply Formed Group?

The Midweek Deeply Formed Group meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. using The Deeply Formed Life by Rich Villodas as a guide to engage discussion, Bible study, and spiritual practice. This is the primary way to participate in a Deeply Formed Group.  Books can be purchased at a discounted rate at church.

This group focuses on two things: being deeply formed as Jesus-followers and experiencing Christ-centered community. Each week will alternate between two types of gatherings: (1) Midweek Large Group gatherings and (2) Micro-Group gatherings.

Need more info? Review these Frequently Asked Questions.  (If your schedule conflicts with Wednesday night but you still want to participate in Deeply Formed Community, please contact

What are Special Interest Groups?

Special Interest Groups are groups that focus on being deeply formed in Christ in a particular part of their identity while engaging in community with others based on a specific interest, experience, or identities. So this group might be an arts group, a men’s recovery group, mom’s group, just to name a few.

Why join a group?

Groups offer a regular gathering space to pursue authentic community as followers of Jesus through activities that might include Bible study, spiritual discussion, service, relationship building, and prayer.  Groups meet in person and/or virtually.  Groups vary in focus, size, meeting schedule, etc. Learn more on the groups sign-up page

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We have reserved parking on W. Logan Blvd, designated with orange cones between N. Francisco Ave. and Sacramento Ave. Parking is also available on W. Schubert Ave., Sacramento Ave. and W. Diversey Ave. within approximately 2 blocks of our church.


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