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A year-long challenge to grow deeper in Christ and unleash defiant faith by intentionally living generously, living in the Word, and living prayerfully. 

As we close out 2020, we invite you to take radical steps of faith by surrendering your finances to Jesus. May this be the year that each of us proclaim our trust in Jesus through committing to habits of radical generosity. 

Submit Your Living Generously Commitment Form

Ways to participate:

  1. Pray: Commit one week to praying about your finances. Confess any hesitancy, surrender any fears and insecurities, and ask for God’s guidance.
  2. Listen: Spend intentional time in silence and listening to God’s Spirit.
  3. Study: Meditate on key Scripture passages about money and generosity
    • Malachi 3:6-12
    • Matthew 6:19-24
    • Luke 12:22-34
    • Acts 2:42-44
    • 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
  4. Invite: Ask a friend, your microgroup, or your Life Group to pray with you and seek God together. 
  5. Respond: Take a tangible step of faith in surrendering your finances to Jesus. At NewCom, this could look like:
    • If you do not usually give, commit to start giving a specific amount or percentage of your income.
    • If you usually give sporadically, commit to give regularly by setting up a recurring gift 
    • If you give regularly, commit to increasing your giving by a specific amount or percentage.
    • Give a one-time faith offering  
    • Get creative! 

Make your commitment by completing the Living Generously commitment form and then set up your gifts on the NewCom giving page.  

Tell Us About Your Commitment to Living Generously

For more teaching on giving and generosity, check out Pastor Peter’s sermon on the Gospel & Generosity

More details to come!

More details to come!


We have reserved parking on W. Logan Blvd, designated with orange cones between N. Francisco Ave. and Sacramento Ave. Parking is also available on W. Schubert Ave., Sacramento Ave. and W. Diversey Ave. within approximately 2 blocks of our church.


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