Friday at 7:00pm, Worship & Teaching

Rather than being illuminated by the mind of Christ, many Christians’ imaginations are held captive by our consumer culture. This seminar will uncover how three facets of Consumerism (commodification, alienation, and branding) reduce our vision of God, diminishes the importance of Scripture, and make Christianity an image rather than a calling. In response we’ll see how we can illuminate the Christian imagination once again with an alternative vision of life in God’s kingdom through spiritual disciplines.

Saturday at 6:00pm, Picnic on the Boulevard

Saturday at 7:00pm, Worship & Teaching: 2 Samuel 6:1-15

When Christ assembled the first community of Christians they were men, women, and children from the most diverse backgrounds imaginable. Every social barrier was torn down, and a new humanity was constructed. This vision of community is impossible to grasp by those ensnared by Consumer Christianity. Instead, we are taught that homogeneity should be the guiding principle of Christian community. This seminar will explore how consumerism leads us to treat people like products, view institutions as people, and exchange the call of community for the comfort of conformity.

Sunday at 10:00am, Worship & Teaching

Because of the injustice that permeates our world, many in our culture doubt God’s goodness. !ey have pushed him aside or feared his presence in their lives. Within the church many approach God casually, even flippantly. He is often trivialized as a comfortable God and useful for attaining our desires. But between these two extremes, between fear and flippancy, there is a third way to worship. King David matured in his faith and came to worship a God who is both dangerous and good.

Directions & Registration:

The conference will be held at the Central Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church at 2840 W. Logan Blvd. Chicago, IL 60647.

The conference is FREE and the picnic on Saturday is $5.00.

Please email with any questions.

Hosted by New Community Covenant Church

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Skye Jethani

Skye Jethani will be the featured speaker for The Gospel and Culture conference. Skye serves as the managing editor of Leadership Journal, a publication of Christianity Today International. Skye has also been a featured commentator on radio programs and in newspapers around the country on issues of faith, culture, and the church. Skye’s first book, The Divine Commodity: Discovering a Faith Beyond Consumer Christianity, was released by Zondervan in 2009.