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Due to the unique season we are living in, the groups will mainly be meeting through a digital platform such as Zoom. However, each group will also decide throughout the season when to hold safe in-person meetings. Regardless of the format, we are expectant to build community!

What is Life Group?

A Life Group is a community group of 8-30 people that gathers regularly to encourage one another by having meaningful conversations about life and God. Life Groups are smaller manifestations of the larger church. This is where we desire for individuals to experience authentic community as disciples of Jesus, encouraging one another to go deeper in their faith to experience the fullness of life. Life Groups participate in activities such as Bible study, spiritual discussion, service, fellowship and prayer

While the meeting schedule varies from group to group, a typical Life Group meets weekly. Each week, a Life Group will either meet altogether as a large group and/or in smaller groups of 3-6 people (Micro-Groups). For more information about Micro-Groups, click here.

Life Group meetings have a relaxed, come-as-you-are atmosphere. They are open to anyone to participate, regardless of spiritual background or experience. While there is no commitment required to participate in a Life Group, group members are encouraged to attend regularly and to participate intentionally so that they can fully experience the transformational power of authentic community.

Life Group enrollment is coordinated by church staff and is open year-round.

Fall Life Groups


SUN-01 General Group @ 1:00 pm

The Sunday Life Group is much like a mini New Com – all ages, genders, and stages of faith are welcome. Together, we seek to genuinely pursue an authentic relationship with Jesus and to live a life of faith through digging into the Word, praying, serving the community and simply doing life with one another. We want to encourage everyone to ask honest questions to help us explore our faith. We previously met in the church building after Sunday services, but will be virtually meeting on Zoom.

Leaders of this Group: Dan Jackson, Dianne Starett, Madisyn Horn, Mark Ha, Tina Lee, Yeri Lee

Questions? Email Tina Lee


TUE-01 General Group @ 7:00 pm

We are a diverse community (ethnic and life stage) that loves digging into the Word of God and working towards being in intentional community with one another. Although this season will be one where we meet virtually, we hope to supplement with social distanced hangouts monthly. We “meet” 3x/month and will be doing so virtually via Zoom on Tuesday evenings beginning at 7pm. We have a shared leadership model which encourages every member to have an opportunity to lead the group in bible study, prayer (and snacks when we meet in person). We’re striving to be a group that consistently serves whether it be via Open Arms or to serve vulnerable population(s) in the city of Chicago. (Note: This group was previously meeting in-person at various northside homes in Chicago) *Note: This group is closed for this season.

Leaders of this Group: Lynn Oliver, Mia St. Clair, Matt Butin

Questions? Email Lynn Oliver


TUE-02 General Group @ 7:00 pm

We are a multi-ethnic group of singles, married couples and parents in our 20s, 30s and 40s. We have affectionately named ourselves the “More Than Potlucks” group to remind us of our intentions to be a community that loves God and loves people in the spheres of influence God has given us. While we expect to maintain a largely virtual meeting plan this season, we are regularly reminded that physical proximity isn’t a requirement for building and maintaining intentional community. Our commitment to each other during this particularly difficult season helps challenge and encourage us to do likewise for others beyond our Life Group. (Note: This group was previously meeting in-person at homes in Avondale and Lincoln Park)

Leaders of this Group: Nate Wong, Christina Trina, Josh Koo and Kenny Nakai

Questions? Email Nate Wong


TUE-03 Artists Group @ 7:30 pm

This group is for artists of all disciplines (visual, music, writing, performing) who are committed to pursuing the mysterious intersection of their faith and their call to co-create with Christ. We will invest in one another, pursue God’s invitation to the discipline of sacred imagination, and collaborate on art projects for our congregation and the larger city of Chicago. We plan on meeting on a bi-weekly basis with one week off, and for now, connecting through Zoom until the point that it’s safe and makes sense to meet in person. (Note: This group was previously meeting in-person at the NewCom building.)

Leaders of this Group: Kimmy Noonen and Alexa Kus

Questions? Email Kimmy Noonen


TUE-05 General Group @ 7:00 pm

An eclectic mix of personalities spanning various life stages, our life group shares a unifying desire to grow in our love for Jesus and one another through the Spirit’s leading. We face hard topics and challenges head on, while also having a lot of fun together, like going on ski trips! For now, we plan on connecting regularly and deeply through Zoom, and meeting days may vary throughout the life group season. (Note: This group was previously meeting in-person at a home in Lincoln Park.)

Leaders of this Group: Matt Chia, Grace Hong, Janet Yim

Questions? Email Matt Chia


TUE-04 Women’s Group @ 7:00 pm

We’re a group of women across all life stages coming together to grow in our identity as followers of Jesus. We also plan to intentionally grow deeper in our relationship with one another through meeting in microgroups. We meet as a large group every other Tuesday and meet in Microgroups on the off-weeks. At this time, we have not yet determined how many/which of our meetings will be virtual/in-person; all we know is that we are eager to build community together, regardless of the format! (Note: This group was previously meeting in-person at the NewCom building.)

Leaders of this Group: Alejandra Villa and Sandy Hamstra

Questions? Email Sandy Hamstra


WED-01 Young Adults Group @ 7:00 pm

We’re a group of young adults (20’s and 30’s) who come together on a weekly basis to be rooted in community with one another, NewCom, the city of Chicago and God. We are committed to personal and communal growth as we follow Jesus and believe that includes living justly, learning from scripture, praying with one another, and serving our community. While we prefer seeing one another in person, we are committed to doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. That being said, we’ll be honest about three things: (1) We don’t know exactly what this season will look like. (2) We are committed to figuring out how to do intentional community to the best of our abilities, with God’s help. (3) We’re excited to have you join us! (Note: This group was previously meeting in-person at the NewCom building.)

Leaders of this Group: John Kim, Brielle Lisa, Evan Park, Justice Reed

Questions? Email The Young Adult Life Group Leaders


THU-01 Mom’s Group @ 1:30 PM

We are a group of mothers who meet virtually to grow in relationship with Christ, each other, and ourselves. We seek to support and walk alongside one another as we follow Jesus and adapt to changes during this challenging time. We use Slack to stay connected and share resources. Sometimes we hang out on Zoom after the kids go to bed and occasionally we meet in-person for socially distant gatherings. Our weekly meetings are usually no longer than 90 minutes and are peppered with kid-related interruptions. Also, the 1:30 pm meeting time is subject to change given the uncertain nature of remote learning and the impact on parent availability in the afternoon. Come for a short season or a long season and receive support and encouragement from those walking beside you. (Note: This group was previously meeting in-person at the NewCom building.)

Leaders of this Group: Liz Giron, Keiko Levon and Marissa Kuok

Questions? Email Liz Giron


THU-02 Men’s Group @ 7:30 pm

We’re a group of men from all walks of life coming together to experience authenticity as we grow, learn, support, and do life with one another. We want to grow in our ability to follow Jesus in all areas of our lives, including work, family, our understanding of our own racial identities, and how we are being called to contribute to racial justice in this season. Zoom fatigue is real, but we can connect to each other in creative ways throughout the week to encourage one another and penetrate the isolation that many of us feel. (Note: This group was previously meeting in-person at the NewCom building.)

Leaders of this Group: Mark Delew and Shang Lin, and Doug Vander Meulen

Questions? Email Mark Delew


THU-03 Men’s Group @ 7:45 pm

We are men journeying together to experience freedom from self-destructive and unwanted sexual behavior. According to Psychology Today 98% of men reported internet porn use in the last six months. It’s such a common phenomenon, yet rarely talked about. This has led many Christians to attempt to address by themselves with little success. As a group we will take steps in recovery together, supporting one another, and uncovering the underlying root causes behind the behavior, all in the context of God’s love and desire for us to live free from anything that keeps us from Him. When the weather cooperates we will meet outside safely and distanced at one of our places and otherwise via Zoom.

Leaders of this Group: Matt Taube and Josh Laabs

Questions? Email Matt Taube


We have reserved parking on W. Logan Blvd, designated with orange cones between N. Francisco Ave. and Sacramento Ave. Parking is also available on W. Schubert Ave., Sacramento Ave. and W. Diversey Ave. within approximately 2 blocks of our church.


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