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Thank you for responding to God’s call to give to the local church. Our online giving platform is inFellowship. inFellowship makes it easy for you to set up regular donations for your offering and view your giving history. Please follow the steps below to create your new account.

How to Set-Up your InFellowship Account:

  1. Create an account with inFellowship.  Please include your first and last name and the email address you want used for all giving statements.
  2. Once your account is created, click on the last tab "Your Giving".  This will take you to your giving page which shows your giving history and scheduled gifts.
  3. Click on the "Schedule Giving" green tab on the right side to schedule your regular offering donations and whatever other donations you want to make.
  4. Please note that you can also make one time donations using the "Give Now" green tab.

If you want help setting up your inFellowship account please watch this video tutorial.

Contact our office if you need help through this process or if anything seems difficult or confusing.

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We have reserved parking on W. Logan Blvd, designated with orange cones between N. Francisco Ave. and Sacramento Ave. Parking is also available on W. Schubert Ave., Sacramento Ave. and W. Diversey Ave. within approximately 2 blocks of our church.


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