Small Groups

Grow Spiritually (CHRIST). Connect Relationally (COMMUNITY). Witness Boldly (CAUSE).

At New Community, we remind folks that we are not a church with small groups but a church of small groups. Why? Small groups are vital for spiritual formation! That is why for years we have encouraged and prioritized biblical community as the primary way in which we learn to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. God uses relationships to bring healing, support, and encouragement.

Although we know that God created us for biblical community, finding and building Christ-centered, life-transforming relationships can be very challenging! That is why we are passionate about making the process of finding biblical community easy and accessible for everyone. This is where small groups come in. Small groups play a vital role in our mission of passionately loving CHRIST, engaging in authentic COMMUNITY, and radically advancing His CAUSE.

Grow Spiritually

Regardless of the type of small group, the purpose of each group is to create a safe place where we can all grow to love Jesus and become more like Him. We want to model His character, his mindset, and be equipped and prepared for our God-given mission to a broken world.

Connect Relationally

We believe that engaging in authentic community happens best around shared mission and calling, so we have a variety of groups– Bible studies, moms groups, prayer groups, mens groups, book studies, and more.

Witness Boldly

Jesus came with a mission to reconcile us to God, us to one another, and to restore creation to its intended state of Shalom. He then called us to continue that mission! Small groups are not meant to be insular communities, but missional communities! We do that as we radically advance His cause by bringing the life-giving hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally.


We are preparing to join hundreds of churches to read the entire New Testament this fall using the Immerse Bible Reading structure. Leading a small group is not about being perfect; it is about loving people and serving people by creating an environment for your group to encounter and experience Christ. Leaders are asked to be facilitators guiding discussions and reflections on the week’s reading. Guiding questions will be provided to leaders. We are seeking MORE GROUP FACILITATORS so that we have enough small groups to allow everyone in our church to participate. If you would like to facilitate a fall small group, please contact Pastor Zachs or fill out this form.


This summer we are offering a variety of small groups and socials for you to join as you desire to grow spiritually, connect relationally, and witness boldly with other NewCom folks.  Sign up for a small group or social below! If you have questions, contact Pastor Zachs Gaiya.

July 22 Summer Social – 010

Sunday, 7/22 – 1:00 PM / Logan Square

Details: Everyone, come play softball or cheer on those who play. Adults and kids can play.

Contact: Sue Lee

August 18 Summer Social – 011

Saturday, 8/18 – 10:00 AM / Lincoln Square

Details: Everyone, come for lunch and fun at the park. This is a kid friendly event, especially for young kids under age 5.

Contact: Heidi Laabs

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